Arlington, TX: Final Four Games at Cowboys Stadium

The whole point of going to Texas was to go to the Final Four. Saturday afternoon the doors opened at Cowboys Stadium and in we went.

The enormous screen is ... enormous. It really takes over the entire stadium, for better or worse.

We were sitting on the left side of this photo in the upper deck.

We got a similar photo of the cast last year.

UConn and Florida played first; here's my usual tip-off shot.

If you ever wonder what Eric and I are like in real life, this photo aptly sums it up:

Eric watched the games through binoculars. We weren't huge fans of the giant screen. Eric especially likes to watch what's going on along the whole court, and watching on the screen doesn't get you that experience.

Eric discovered the Coach's Row through his binoculars, and our new camera's zoom proved to be a great investment. You can see Tom Izzo, Roy Williams, and some various other college coaches in these photos.

Eric's family are big UK fans. His dad went to Kentucky, and Eric and his sister grew up big fans. (This is why we opted to bring his dad and sister along for this trip. Since we had four tickets, they would have never forgiven us if we had left them behind with Kentucky in the Final Four!)

Kentucky played Wisconsin, and the atmosphere was great.

There was smoke and small fire for the team entrances.

Since the school colors are so different, it was really easy to see where the team's fans were in the stadium, which I really liked.

You can see just how close we were to the top of the stadium.

Kentucky winning was the best news all weekend! It was made better since last year's championship game was between two teams we generally root against (Louisville and Michigan, rivals to UK and OSU).

Click on this photo for a panoramic of the stadium:

AT&T Stadium at night was pretty great too. I love seeing buildings all lit up. Our hotel was in walking distance of the stadium, and we had a nice view of it all the way back.

The game was definitely worth the trip, that's for sure!
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