Monday Notes

How was your weekend? Mine was really nice, despite being on call double time. The weather was absolutely perfect and we spent a lot of time outside. I read an entire book (Spark -- read it), went to the farmers' market, played a little basketball, went on a walk, had dinner with friends, and the Reds were even on TV for us. Since I was on call, we weren't able to go to either of our families for Easter, but it was still a really, really nice weekend. Just the weather being so nice makes my mood better by a thousand. I had tea and read outside in the sun on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. That is my ideal relaxed morning right there.

This week we have a few fun things planned, like tonight's trip to Indy to watch some Indians vs Louisville Bats minor league baseball. Otherwise I expect to be enjoying the great temperatures outside for most of the time I'm home :)
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