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Another snack subscription box I signed up for is nibblr. Nibblr sends four snack packs as often as you want - weekly, every other week, or monthly. One great thing about nibblr is you can pay for 1, 4, or 12 boxes at a time, and the price goes down the more you pay for at once (so if you paid for 1 box at a time, it would be $5.99/box, but if you paid for 4 boxes at a time, the price drops down to $5.75/box, etc). 

My first two nibblr boxes included a piece of artwork, which was interesting and different. (You can see the first box here.)

And the snacks inside my box were tasty. Here's what I got:

Cocoa-nuts: dark chocolate coconut almonds and toasted coconut snack mix

I definitely liked the chocolate-covered almonds. The coconut was fine (I just don't really like coconut that much), and I have discovered that I like coconut better in this toasted form than the shaved kind you find on cake, so we're making some progress :)

Stuck on Flax: flax sea salt pretzel pearls

I had no idea what to expect from this snack, but it tasted pretty good! I don't think I've ever eaten flax before.

Cranberry Crumble: chocolate cranberries, cranberry praline almonds, and granola clusters snack mix

Well, you guys know I like dried fruit and love anything with chocolate, so the combination of these two things was great. I had never had cranberry praline almonds and they were pretty good (another trick to get me to eat nuts), and the granola was fine.

Sweet Chili Pistachios - sweet chili pistachios

These subscription boxes sure convinced me to like pistachios. These were super good!

Nibblr prints the nutrition facts right on the packaging, and you can also check them out on their website, where you can rate snacks you receive as "love it", "like it", "interested", or "no thanks". If you're interested in trying out nibblr, you can click here and use my referral code 1510 to get a box for free! (PS. Canceling or Pausing a subscription is also super easy with nibblr.)

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this review and all opinions are my own.
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