Marquette, MI: Presque Isle Park & Ore Dock

The first full day in Marquette we took our time just kind of hanging out and regrouping (we were a little over halfway through our trip). We spent some of it at Presque Isle Park. It looked so pretty outside, and the idea was to pack a lunch and eat by the lighthouse out here...

Well...we wound up eating our picnic in the car because it was so windy! You can see the huge difference in wave size on each side of where the breakwater pier is. And actually, walked out there is restricted because the wind is so tumultuous it can blow you off the pier.

We spent a few minutes out of the car snapping these photos, then got back in and continued to drive around the park. If the weather had been a little nicer it would have been fun to get out and walk around more or play in the park, but as it was, we just drove the road that loops you through it.

There are several other pieces of Marquette visible from this park besides the breakwater lighthouse. You have a good view of this ore dock, where ships still come to fill up with iron ore. We didn't get to see any ship doing this but I still thought it was cool.

You can also see the Superior Dome, supposedly the largest wooden dome in the world, which is where Northern Michigan University plays football.

We never went inside but we could see this dome from all over Marquette - it is huge!

Do you have a favorite park? What's it like? We haven't lived here long enough to pick a favorite (Bloomington has a lot of parks), but there's one less than a mile from our condo that has a basketball court which is nice to have nearby.
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