Subscription Review: Escape Monthly - Colorado

Last month I saw a great 50% off deal for Escape Monthly. While it was still a little pricier than I would normally pay for a box, it was Colorado themed and I couldn't resist. We are planning on going to Colorado later this year, and I wanted to check out this box.

Escape Monthly takes you to a different state each month. Their big perk is that one person will actually win a trip to that location that month, which I think is why the box is on the more expensive side (about $50 with no discount). You can enter your email address and receive a special code to get 20% off your subscription forever, which brings the cost down to $40.

Not the Same - Rocky Mountain Mud Bath:
The day this box came in the mail, I had spent about half the day longing for a bath, and pretty much as soon as I opened the box and saw this, I ran upstairs to take a bath. It smells very good. It says on the package that it won't stain your tub, which is true, but it will leave a residue behind (similar to soap scum) that I had to scrub off the tub. It was still a nice addition to the bath and I will use it up.

Colorado Aromatics Lavender Mountain Mist Hand & Body Lotion:
I put this lotion on after my bath. It smelled good and went on just fine. I am a big fan of little lotions since I can throw them in my purse or take them on trips, and I'm happy to be getting lotions in these boxes.

Bluecorn Naturals Tranquility Candle:
I am also a big fan of candles, especially natural ones (I have been wondering about what traditionally-manufactured candles put out into the air), although you can definitely tell a difference with the smell. I liked this and had it going while I was taking my bath.

Jackson's Honest Potato Chips - Sea Salt:
Oh man. These chips are cooked in coconut oil and it makes an incredible difference. I would absolutely have these again. We have gotten out of the habit of eating a lot of chips (and I'd like to keep it that way), but I could definitely make an exception for this brand.

Bobo's Oat Bars - Peach:
I ate this for breakfast one day. It filled me up but I can't say I really enjoyed eating it that much. I definitely needed to drink a lot of water while eating it. I was hoping it would taste like peach oatmeal, but it was much drier.

Chocolove - Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate:
The fact that I haven't tried this yet is crazy, since I love love love chocolate. I have had the Chocolove brand in the past and liked it, though, so I am expecting to like this too!

White Girl Salsa - Medium Tomatillo:
We put this out at our Super Bowl party and it got a few takers. I haven't actually tried it yet though, so I'm not sure what it tastes like. The brand name is pretty great though.

Geode from Pike's Peak:
This was a pretty awesome extra in the box. We've actually been to Pike's Peak (we took a train up the side of the mountain) and it's one of my favorite memories of our road trip across the country. We haven't broken this open yet (I want to do it outside and well, it's super cold and snowy, and has been for weeks!). I used to collect geodes when I was a kid, so I'm pretty excited to crack it open and see what it looks like inside.

Moon Handbooks - Colorado:
One of the main draws for me to get this box was to pick up the Colorado guidebook. I'm hoping it will give us some good sights to see while we're out there. I haven't spent too much time with it yet, so hopefully it will be good enough.

Are you interested in Escape Monthly? This month is New York, and it's not too late to sign up. It is a cool concept for a box, but I will say that this box is harder to unsubscribe from than others -- you have to actually email the Escape Monthly people and ask to be unsubscribed. I may get another box in the future if it's a place I'm really interested in or if we are traveling to it soon, or if there is another really good deal :)

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this review and all opinions are my own.
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