Munising, MI: Scott Falls

One of the huge benefits to road trips (and why it's my favorite way to travel) is that you can literally stop the car on the side of the road and check something out. Between Marquette and Munising was a little sign that made us pull over...

...and walk down an embankment to find a nice little waterfall!

We saw a bunch of waterfalls in the UP. This one was so easily accessible (sometimes waterfalls are hard to find or hard to get to or both). There were several other people here as well, and the side of the road up to and just past the sign was dotted with cars, so it should be easy to find.

I am particularly fond of waterfalls you can walk behind. This was the second one I've been to where I could do that (the first was in the Smokeys).

What do you stop on the side of the road for? On this trip alone we did cherries, swans, and scenic overlooks :)
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