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A couple of months ago I saw a promotion to get a Love With Food box for $2 with free shipping, regularly $12 (if you buy monthly, or $10/mo if you buy yearly). I wanted to try it out (especially for two bucks!), and after receiving it in January, I finally finished eating everything in the box earlier this week. I like to take my time and enjoy everything that I get in these food boxes, as well as eat the items when appropriate, which is why I don't post most things as soon as I get them.

Love With Food does a little bit more than some other subscription boxes, which I think makes them really appealing to a lot of people right now. One, all of the products they include in their boxes are either organic or health-conscious in some way (non-GMO, gluten-free, all-natural, etc). And two, for each box you buy, you are also donating a meal. (If you buy the deluxe box, you are donating two meals per box.)

My tasting box included 9 different items:

Jer's Squares - Original: Valencia Peanut Butter center mixed with Crunchy Rice Crisp covered in Milk Chocolate
I'd never heard of this before and my first bite was delicious. I tried to stretch the little square into 3 bites but the last one was pretty tiny ;) Creamy and just the right distribution of peanut butter and chocolate with a tiny crispy crunch, if I saw this in the grocery store I would be sorely tempted to buy it. It was like a creamier Reese's.

Jer's Squares - Pretzo Change-O: Valencia Peanut Butter center mixed with Sweet and Salty Pretzel bits covered in Milk Chocolate
Just as good as the one above. I definitely wish I had more of them.

Hi I'm Skinny - Multi-Grain Sea Salt Skinny Sticks
I never know what to expect with sea salt-flavored things, but these were really good! They were shaped kind of like hollow french fries.

Home Free - Chocolate Chip Cookies
I am super wary of things billed as gluten-free because most of the things I've had don't taste that great. I am definitely not gluten-free and like my wheat whole. But unless the package hadn't told me, I would never have guessed these were GF. Tasty mini cookies!

Mama's Magic Mix - Banana Split Baby Mama Drama
Aside from the strange product name, this was awesome. I include a photo of what it looked like inside as well because I had no idea what this was (was I supposed to put it on ice cream?):

It turned out to be peanuts, dried strawberries, dried bananas, chocolate, and some kind of puff thing. It tasted like I was eating a banana split without the ice cream. It was good!

Blue Diamond Almonds - Lightly Salted Almonds
I like Blue Diamond almonds and these were a nice small snack to have one morning.

Oskri - Orange Fruit Bar
This was the only thing I truly didn't like. I normally really like fruit strips/fruit leather. This just did not taste good. I'm not sure if it was too strong or too grainy, but I ate one bite and could do no more.

Annie's Homegrown -  Organic Berry Berry Granola Bar
I am a fan of Annie's products. I ate this granola bar for breakfast one day and it was tasty.

Lovely Candies - Superfood Chews
These were super interesting. Think of a Starburst candy, then make it healthy and make it feel like it's not pulling your teeth out. There were little pieces of fruit inside too. I liked them.

Caffe Borsa - Columbia Supremo
This was the only product I didn't try. We don't drink coffee ourselves, so any coffee samples go to our guests. We haven't had any coffee drinkers over yet, so I will update when it gets tried.

All in all, I enjoyed this box, but you can see that it felt like it had a lot of sweets in it. That's okay if you are looking to try out some hard-to-find sweets, though :) If you are interested in signing up for Love With Food, click here to join via my referral link. LWF also has a points system, where you can get points for things like leaving reviews or buying subscriptions, and then you can use those points to buy items from their shop.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this review and all opinions are my own.
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