Mackinaw City, MI: Mackinac Bridge

First of all, I should preface this with the fact that I really like bridges. I don't know why, but my guess is because usually bridges mean there is either a body of water or a train nearby (or sometimes both!), and I really love both of those things. Second of all, this post is more than 10 photos of the same bridge, because I went a little bit overboard (but I should mention that I did not put all the photos I took of the bridge in this post... remember how we also saw the bridge from Mackinac Island and we even went under the bridge on our ferry ride there?) 

Within our first hour of getting to Mackinaw City, we were down by the water making silly pictures with the bridge.

And then I just walked around and took a bunch of photos of it.

We went into the downtown area of Mackinaw City for dinner, and as we were walking I snapped a few photos.

The sunset was so beautiful this night that I literally ran to the end of a pier before the colors disappeared to get these sunset photos. I am sure people thought I was nuts (I was not dressed for running) but it was so pretty I had to.

And we had a treat walking back, too. It lights up!

Besides going under the bridge, we also got to go over the bridge. This was my 2nd favorite bridge crossing (my first favorite is a tie between crossing the bridge leading into my hometown - sentimental, you know - and crossing the Bay Bridge to get to the Eastern Shore of Maryland; that thing is long). This was much less scary than I anticipated (based on all sorts of anecdotes). We - well, Eric - actually videotaped our crossing so we can remember what it was like to get to the UP :) We turned it off just before getting to the tollbooth, though, and the man who took our money definitely had a "Yooper" accent! I wish we had that on tape ;)

I had fun on the crossing and hanging out with the bridge in general, and that brings us about to our halfway point on our trip! We are now in the Upper Peninsula!

Have you been on the Mackinac Bridge? Did you think it was awesome or terrifying? Did you feel like you were going to Canada? Like half of our video is us talking about going to basically-Canada.
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