Bloomington, IN: Crosstown Coin Laundry - Cafe

If I told you there was a tasty Korean sushi roll restaurant inside of a laundromat, what would you do?

Would you go there? Because that is what I did. The people I work with find the most random (but good) food places around here, and I'm all about trying new things, so off we went last week to pick up lunch at Crosstown Coin Laundry, which is in same the little shopping strip area as Lennie's (Bloomington Brewing Company).

I had zero idea of what to expect before walking in, so I was pleasantly surprised to find an actual cafe with a friendly chef. The menu is on the wall. There is a small seating area with tables inside as well (inside the laundromat part), if you want to eat there.

Free soup comes with your roll - ours was fish cake.

I ordered a spicy chicken roll (it was $5.75 and they take Visa and cash). It was enormous. I am talking like this roll pictured below was a foot long.

I got a small ladle and tried the fish cake soup, but I just don't like fish or things that taste like fish, so most of it did not get eaten.

The roll, though, that was completely devoured. I don't know what most of the stuff in it is besides the chicken and what looks like carrots, but it was good! Not too spicy, but definitely had some good flavor.

So if you ever find yourself up for an adventure and need a place to eat on the northeast side of campus, you might want to try out the laundromat.
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