Marquette, MI: The Peacemaker

The first night we were in Marquette, we walked to the downtown area for dinner. Ali wanted to show us around the town, so we had dinner at a pizza place she likes (we ate at Aubree's), then walked down to the water before walking back up to her apartment. One notable ship in the harbor was the tallship Peacemaker.

We have unintentionally stumbled upon this ship three times! The first time we saw it was in Savannah, GA, the first time we were in Savannah for fall break back in 2010. We went on board that day and checked it out. It's very pretty inside; I am totally a sucker for polish wood on a boat :)

The second time we saw it in Baltimore at a tallships gathering. We just saw it from afar (since we'd already been on it) and I took note that it was there, since I've never seen the same ship twice without intending to.

And of course, the third time we saw it was in Marquette. Apparently there was a Great Lakes tallship tour this past summer and we happened to see the ship right before she left the next day. We were here too late in the evening to take another tour (the people you see on board are the crew), but it was fun to see her again.

It was also nice to see her at night. All the other times have been in the bright sunshine during the day.

Have you ever ridden on a tallship? I have not but think it would be awesome. I love being on the water.
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