Friday Photos

Happy Valentine's Day! Here are a few photos from my week...

My mom sent me a Valentine's Day card :)

We have an enormous icicle hanging next to our front door. The gutter was removed before it got cold and we've been dealing with ice on our front step the whole winter. The giant icicle is awesome though.

And the sunsets (and sunrises!) this week have been so pretty. Unfortunately most of the time I see either of those I'm driving, so I don't get to take a photo...

In honor of the Olympics, I stopped at the European deli near our house (Euro Deli for those in Bloomington). I had never been in there before and I was craving Russian food like crazy. Well...I wanted to buy the whole store, but I refrained. I wound up getting us food for dinner: chicken kiev cutlets, beef and chicken pelmeni, and a variation of eggplant caviar (baklazhania ikra) on my homemade wheat bread. I also bought borsch but it was no good so it's not pictured here. I've been drinking Russian tea like crazy this week as well.

How was your week? We have some fun things planned for Valentine's Day (yay!!) and I hope you have a great day and weekend as well :)
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