Our Super Bowl Party

Let's ignore the part about football and think about the party instead. Eric and I throw an annual Super Bowl party. I love hosting parties and watching football, so it is the perfect combination. Here's some peeks into our party this year...


For the first time we decorated (see earlier's post about succumbing to Party City). I bought some orange and white streamers, a couple of helium balloons, a football field table cloth, a big football cutout for the front door, and little football-shaped candies.


Note: we are generally hosting for anywhere between 10-15 people. The first time we hosted this (2012) I went way overboard with food. Last year I tried to reign in it a bit, but several people who hadn't said they were bringing things ended up bringing food, so we still had too much. This year I made the following: meat lasagna, veggie lasagna, chicken wings (honey-garlic sauce and bbq sauce), cocktail meatballs (chili + grape jelly sauce), tortilla roll ups (cream cheese and turkey or ham), and Oreo-cream cheese truffles shaped like footballs. The trick is to not actually physically cook that much food. Most of these items don't take a ton of time or effort to make (even the truffles), all of them can be prepped ahead of time, and all of them are big hits. I also set out chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, a bunch of fruit, and our chocolate fountain. This year I asked one friend to bring veggies and another to bring extra chips and dip, and someone volunteered to bring guacamole. Luckily people didn't bring too much extra food and we had a good amount with variety.


Beer. Lots of beer. We get the good stuff when it goes on sale the week before. We also have some kind of drink for people who don't drink beer; this year it was lime margaritas. We always have Coke and Sprite on hand for mixed drinks. And a few of my friends are big milk drinkers, so I get extra milk for them and for dessert.


Eric is awesome and made a prop bet betting game for everyone who wanted to bet. You can check the whole list out over on his website. He scoured the Internet and his brain for all sorts of crazy or realistic bets and compiled them into a two-page sheet. These were fun and we can't believe the 100-1 bet actually came true (Seahawks winning by more than 29 points), and Ryan and Nicole actually bet on that, so they won the game hands-down. We also had a whiteboard betting game where you can pick a cell for the ones digit for the scores for both teams. Unfortunately we never have enough people to fill in all those cells and once again the ghost player wound up winning the whiteboard game; it was still fun though. Games like these definitely keep people interested in the game, as well as the commercials (some of the prop bets are for commercials), and that helps when the game is terrible like it was yesterday.

My New Trophy:

Obviously the best part about last night was seeing a bunch of friends. Ryan and Nicole came with this fantastic present:

I won our fantasy league two years in a row (not an easy feat). I'm the first person to win two years (let alone two in a row) and they named the trophy after me!! It is pretty much the best thing ever.

Did you guys host or go to any parties? The game itself was so disappointing, but our food and company were good.
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  1. Oh my goodness, your super bowl party was brilliant. Such parties are always my favorite. My parent’s anniversary is coming and I would be hosting the fun rustic themed super bowl for them. Looking for the suitable Venues in San Francisco for that. Hopefully will find one soon.


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