Monday Notes

How was your weekend? Did you have a good Valentine's Day? Ours was really good :) On Friday, Eric made us a dinner of "Valentine's Day Pork & Apples", which is apples and onions sauteed in butter, poured over pork chops with spices. It is so good. We had it with chocolate wine and even broke out a candle ;)

After dinner we dug into a lot of these chocolates. The round pieces are chocolate-covered pomegranate, the ones with pink are raspberry Ghirardelli, the shiny ones are cookies & cream Dove, the big square ones are orange and almond dark chocolate Lindt, the little squares still together are caramel Cadbury's, and the rest are some Russell Stover's. And now I want chocolate.

Before we got too sleepy, we tried out the portable table tennis set I picked up as a fun present. Ideally we would have an actual ping pong table (and billiards table, and air hockey table, and and and) but there is no room for that here, so I have some weird compulsion to buy the mini/travel sizes of these things in the meantime. It was actually really fun. You can connect the net to the table and bam, insta-ping pong. It would be better with a bigger table but we still had fun.

Saturday we went out on the town and tried out The Rail. (We were actually going to do this Friday but we got a few more inches of snow which nixed those plans.) It was fun to feel fancy, and it used to be a train station (and a train came by while we were there!) so I was super happy. I took some pictures so I'll be doing a post about it soon.

Otherwise, we watched a lot of sports and tried to play in the snow (it was actually sunny and not frigid!), and then we realized we have a grand total of zero snow games (no sleds, no nothing, I don't even have waterproof gloves?!). Our kind of default "throw things" games (Frisbee, baseball) are not a good games in the ice. So we gave up :)

What do you guys do in the snow? Do you still go outside and play in it? Hope you had a great weekend!
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