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Indiana weather is generally known as bipolar. I actually had a day in college where the temperature difference from the morning to the night was 40 degrees. 40! (30 to 70 and back to 30!) Nobody knew what to wear. It was both hilarious and strange. Anyway, this week we've had some interesting weather, especially for February. It was cold at the beginning of the week, and I caught the sun glittering on the snow.

Then it tried to warm up and wound up melting a lot of the snow, but it got back to very cold overnight and all the melted snow froze into lots of dangerous black ice. This is the end of our driveway and out into the road in front of our condo.

The icicles reformed briefly. Then yesterday it got up to 60 degrees and we had a tornado warning. Because we live in Indiana and the weather being crazy is par for the course. Pretty much all the snow is gone, and we have flood watches in effect. But then next week it is supposed to get really cold again, so that'll be exciting.

This weekend is Eric's birthday! His mom and sister are coming to visit. I'll be making ribs (his favorite) and hopefully we'll do some fun things :) Have a great weekend!

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