Goals Recap - Week 8

It seems a little unbelievable that it's already the 8th week of the year, right? This year is going incredibly quickly and it's only going to get faster. I guess it's time to check in on my New Year's goals:

Goals for Blog
  • Regular Posting Schedule - Much better this week! I was able to get most of my posts written ahead of time.
  • Design - No design work this week, but I am back to thinking about it!
  • Exposure - Still low but fairly steady.
Goals for Self
  • Health/Wellness - I definitely haven't been exercising much this week, but I also haven't eaten a ton. I've been trying to pace myself on all the chocolate ;) 
  • Education - I have been spending a little bit of time learning Lightroom, and I want to start learning Photoshop as well.
  • Business - Nothing new this week.
How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions/goals? This little recap definitely keeps me thinking about what I want to be doing this year! Thanks for reading :)
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