Pittsburgh: PNC Park, Reds at Pirates, Sept 30

If there is anything more apparent in the ways I've changed since Eric and I starting dating, it is that I have fallen hopelessly in love with baseball. I've always loved sports, both playing and watching with gusto, thanks to my dad's love for them, but baseball is something different. Maybe it's because I didn't pay that much attention to the sport growing up (my dad is a Cubs fan; enough said), or maybe it's because I never had the chance to play baseball or softball (I played soccer almost year-round from birth until I went off to college, with a few winter basketball seasons thrown in to spice things up), but for whatever reason, I am completely hooked.

My theory is that it's because Eric takes the time to patiently explain the game to me. Since I finally understand what's going on, the game is utterly fascinating to me. I seriously can't get enough of it. Luckily, Eric loves baseball at least as much as I do :) and so we go to a lot of games! Eric is a huge Cincinnati Reds fan, and I embraced the team as wholeheartedly as anyone ever let love into her life. In Indiana, since there's no major league team, depending on where you live/grew up, you are either a Cubs, White Sox, Cardinals, Reds, or maybe Indians fan. Reds distinctly correlate with where I'm from ;)

We go to a lot of games (primarily where the Reds are playing). We have talked about making our way around the country to every major league ballpark. Late last summer, it worked out that the Reds would be playing in Pittsburgh on the same weekend that one of my best friends from high school was getting married.

The game was on Sunday at 1pm. The wedding was on Saturday afternoon. The drive from my hometown to Pittsburgh was going to be about 7 hours. Could we do it? You bet we could, and would, and did. We didn't get very much sleep, but it was totally worth it. We managed to be there on both Fan Appreciation Day (where we received Pirates fleece blankets) and the 40th anniversary of Roberto Clemente's 3,000th hit.

The drive there and first half of the game was rainy, and there were concerns about whether the game would be played. (That would have been a huge bummer to wake up at 5am, drive 7 hours, and then see no game.)

Somehow our seats were literally as close as you could be to the field and yet still be protected from the rain. Very lucky and awesome.

Even through the rain, PNC Park was beautiful. It's been called one of the nicest, prettiest parks in baseball, and it is no lie!

Luckily for us, the game went on as scheduled. Here's the Reds' ace, Johnny Cueto, throwing a pitch.

A lot of teams in major league baseball have mascots that do weird things. The Pirates have racing pierogies. Yes, those are giant potato pierogies racing around the warning track.

And most awesome for us, the sun wound up coming out about halfway through the game, and it turned into a really beautiful day.

 Plus, the Reds won! (We were supposed to win; the Pirates are not especially good. They haven't had a winning season in 20 years.)

We tried the Primanti Brothers sandwiches (a Pittsburgh staple) at the park, and they were just okay. Maybe at the actual restaurant they would be better. But all in all, PNC Park was a great park to visit.

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