Lighthouse: Fenwick Island Lighthouse

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

The last lighthouse we saw in Delaware has another ridiculous story to go with it. Fenwick Island Lighthouse is quite literally in the backyard of a mobile home park.

I guess some consolation is that it still looks like a lighthouse.

When we drove to this lighthouse, the address lead us to a street that didn't look like it went anywhere, just into a trailer park. So not knowing what else to do, but being able to see the top of the lighthouse, I turned into the trailer park road. Then I immediately saw a sign telling me that we weren't allowed to be driving through the trailer park. Ha. I plowed on ahead anyway, and to get out, had to drive over a curb. If you are going to this lighthouse, I recommend looking at the map and not just trusting your GPS, because once we popped out on the other side next to the lighthouse, it was obvious that there was a much better way to get there!

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