NYC: Makerbot Store

After going to MoMath, my friends and I hopped on the subway over to the Makerbot store in SoHo.

The store itself is pretty cool. They have a ton of desktop 3D printers (their Replicator 2) that were all busy printing away while we were in there. A lot of the things being printed were little trinkets and stuff they had us take, which was pretty cool. We all got these stretchy bracelets.

Photo by Valkyrie Savage
The big thing at the store is the ability to get your head 3D printed. A camera takes 3 shots of your head, then renders them with how it'd look printed, and you can pick one to print out (a small head is $20). You can see my shots here, but despite liking my pictures I didn't like any of the 3D renderings, so I didn't buy a print of my head.

All around the store are examples of items that have been 3D printed. In the store window is a cool display of what I would call a dollhouse, but way cooler.

I did wind up buying something to bring back for Eric (along with getting all the little trinkets you can see below: a couple of stretchy bracelets, an alligator, and a chain link that prints linked). They had big gumball machines with more trinkets inside; $5 gets you a token and you get to spit out a gumball (all the things you could get were displayed on top). I really wanted to get this fireplace mantle and stockings display for Eric, due to a running joke we have between us about not having a mantle or stockings. Before I bought my token, I looked to see if there was any chance I'd get this one - and it was the one waiting next to the hole! So I was set. I am planning on supergluing the stockings to the mantle and putting a hook on the back so we can make it into an ornament.

A trip to the Makerbot store is in order, especially if you have any interest whatsoever in 3D printing. The staff working the night we were there was super friendly and we had a great time just chatting with them and seeing what they were making.
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