Cincinnati: Krohn's Conservatory Christmas Display

While we were near Cincinnati visiting with Eric's family over Christmas break, we stopped by the Krohn's Conservatory in Eden Park, down by the Ohio River in Cincinnati. I first saw mention of this display over here (a blog I started enthusiastically following when we thought we might get to move to Cincinnati or at least back to the Midwest), so I was really excited when Eric's mom suggested we go there and to the art museum basically as soon as we walked in the door from our 8 hour drive. So we went the next day, and I was not disappointed.

The display includes major buildings from downtown Cincinnati, as well as a mini Krohn's Conservatory (which we joked had a mini Christmas Display inside with another mini conservatory, on and on down the rabbit hole), Eiffel Tower, tons and tons of trains, hot air balloons, and a lot of flowers.

The rest of the conservatory is open, too, so you can walk through all the other exhibits after seeing this.
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