Loveland, OH: Loveland Castle (Chateau Laroche)

Because it's a totally normal thing to have a hand-built almost-100-year-old actual castle in a suburb in southwestern Ohio.

Since we were driving by in the evening, we missed the winter operating hours and didn't get to go in for a tour, but seeing the outside was still pretty cool. I love castles, so I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. Eric and I "joke" (by "joke" I mean we are completely serious) about having a castle one day. Although I do not think we would want this castle without doing some substantial looks kind of cold.

If you are in the area, you should check it out. While in a residential area, it's easy to get to because there are signs everywhere pointing to Loveland Castle. The road down to it is very curvy and steep, so be aware that you may have trouble getting back up it after coming down to see the castle. There is a picnic area in front overlooking a small river.
Loveland, OH: Loveland Castle (Chateau Laroche) Loveland, OH: Loveland Castle (Chateau Laroche) Reviewed by Maria on 2:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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