Lighthouse: Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse & Harbor of Refuge Light Station

After leaving the lightship, we continued on to more lighthouses. The next two were near Lewes, and we thought it would be easy to get to where we could see them. Instead, after again not doing thorough research (in my defense we only had a couple of hours to plan this trip), we wound up at the entrance to a state park, which is where our directions had led us, that threatened to charge us money to get in. Even though it was October and around 5pm at this point, and we didn't actually see anyone taking money at the gates, I felt awkward going into the park, and I didn't want to spend any money. So we turned around and found a massive residential area full of beach houses right next to the park.

We thought to drive through it to see if we could make out either of the lighthouses that were supposed to be there. Because somehow parking in an unknown beach-house-filled residential area is less awkward than going into a state park that may or may not charge money to get in.

Luckily, we found a public beach access path, parked in front of it, and went down to the beach. And down the beach, we could make out at least one lighthouse! Score! So we walked down what was probably at least half a mile (and on sand), over some fence, and onto the boardwalk to get a view of the Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse.

Honestly, we were just happy that it looked like a normal lighthouse, since so far our trip to Delaware had produced an iron tower and a ship. It was a little chilly out by the water (it was the end of October, after all, plus, you know, a hurricane was coming) but otherwise kind of nice and peaceful. Until we were about to head back, we were the only people out here. Just us and a ton of birds.

The other neat thing is that from this boardwalk, we could actually see both of the lighthouses that were in the area. I wasn't sure if we would be able to see the Harbor of Refuge Light Station or not, but that's it in the background. You can't tell in the photo, but it's out to sea like the Delaware Breakwater, not on land like it looks.


Seeing these from the park would have definitely given us a different angle, but it was really fun to find our own path out there too.
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