Quick Trip: Visiting the Southern Coast of Delaware

Since I think I have all the Christmas posts up, I'm going to start going back in time filling in what we've been up to over this past year in between writing up our current adventures.

We were supposed to go on a cruise to the Bahamas the weekend of October 25-29. Eric, who didn't have a passport yet, even got it rush processed so we would have everything ready ahead of time. We would head down Thursday, and our cruise was going to leave Friday evening and return Monday morning. I hadn't been on a cruise since the 8th grade, and I was really looking forward to it. Except the weather didn't look all that great.

The flight was supposed to leave 7am on Thursday. Somehow the alarm didn't go off (despite setting an alarm almost every morning) and we awoke at 7:30, and with that sinking feeling in the bottom of our stomachs, I went into Action Mode. There were no other flights. The airline wanted to charge us full price to switch flights. Could we drive? No, that's insane, that's a 17 hour drive to Florida and then we'd have to drive all the way back Monday, too. What do we do???

Then we looked at the weather. Hurricane Sandy was about to hit the Bahamas. As weird as it sounds, we felt a little better. We missed our flight, thereby missing our cruise, and thereby missing cruising into a hurricane. The trip would not have been very fun; it was going to rain the entire time, so there'd be no beach time, no snorkeling, no relaxation, no nothing except sitting inside a giant ship while the weather outside rocked us around. We decided to not try to make the ship. (All of our parents were super relieved, you have no idea.)

Instead, since we had already taken the time off, we decided to go somewhere else. Since we live on the East Coast, there are an awful lot of options of places to go within a quick drive. There are also a lot of places we want to go see out here before we leave it. So, we decided to go to Delaware! Not necessarily the kind of place you first think of going, but it seems like everyone in DC has a beach house in Delaware (or at least visits there every summer), and we wanted to see what the big deal was.

After a couple hours of research, making a plan, and booking hotels, we headed out to visit some lighthouses, cute towns, and a tasty brewery. The links to the those write ups are in this post below and will be updated as I write them.

We spent only a couple of days in Delaware (with pretty nice weather for the end of October) and drove back to our apartment in Maryland on Sunday afternoon. By Sunday evening, the boardwalks of the towns we had just walked over had been washed away by Hurricane Sandy. We were about to get hit with 60+ mph wind gusts and a lot of rain. Nothing awful happened to us like it did to the coast cities, but I still think our alarm didn't go off on purpose.

Quick Delaware Trip Notables:
Lighthouse: Mispillion Lighthouse
- Lighthouse: Lightship Overfalls
- Lighthouse: Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse & Harbor of Refuge Light Station
- Lighthouse: Fenwick Island Lighthouse
- Brewery: 16 Mile Brewery, Georgetown, DE
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