Lighthouse: Mispillion Lighthouse

For our trip to Delaware, we decided to go a little bit north, then make our way down south (all the way down to Ocean City, MD), then come back up and head across back to the Baltimore area. Basically following the coast, we could see a few lighthouses as well as the beach cities we were interested in. Here's a rough sketch of the trip (for reference, to the left off the screen is Annapolis, MD).

The first lighthouse we went to was near Milford, DE. About 3 hours away from where we live, and after doing a bunch of research beforehand, we went in search of the Mispillion Lighthouse after deciding not to go to the Bahamas during Hurricane Sandy.

The Lighthouse Friends website is very useful for information on lighthouses around the country. It is probably a good idea to actually read what the page says and not just look up the coordinates. After driving for three hours to get there, I was expecting something that looked more like a lighthouse, and less like a giant iron tower in the middle of nowhere.

But, in fact, the real lighthouse had been moved (if only I had paid attention, I would know that) and in it's place was this giant iron tower and a nature center.

To get here, we had to drive down a very long, rocky, wet path. Nothing appeared to be open, and the few people milling about looked at us like we were nuts. The nature center area at least looked like it was nice.

And there was this giant bird in front of it, which was pretty awesome.

The rest of the lighthouses in Delaware have equally strange/interesting stories. After visiting some very nice lighthouses, it figures that the first one I would write up would be this crazy iron tower!
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