Lighthouse: Lightship Overfalls

After seeing the iron tower lighthouse, we headed south to Lewes (pronounced "lou-is", which we didn't find out until the last day of our trip, whoops; we'd been calling it "lews"). Here's the rough map again of our trip:

Now we're at the dot above Rehoboth Beach (I accidentally swiped through Lewes). The town itself was really cute and we got out of the car to explore some small shops. We saw a sign for a museum tour the next day and we thought about coming back, but we were heading farther south and thought it would be too much driving. Our main purpose of stopping in Lewes was to see the Lightship Overfalls.

While not technically a lighthouse, it still totally counts in my quest to see as many lighthouses as I can. I had never seen a lightship before, so it was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, we were there when it wasn't open for tours, so we didn't get to go on board to see anything.

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