DC: Capitol Christmas "People's" Tree Lighting

Sometimes I get lucky and interesting events happen in DC on days I have to be there for school. (I do not go to DC when I don't actually have to; it takes at least an hour and costs a lot of money!) At the beginning of December, I realized that I would be able to go to the Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting. This lighting is not to be confused with the National Christmas Tree Lighting, which is a huge deal with performers and you have to win a lottery ticket to get in. We haven't been to that one, due to both not getting tickets and because I have had class during the time both years (so I couldn't even wander down and watch/listen from afar).

But the Capitol Tree, also called the People's Tree, is lesser known and much easier to attend for us mere mortals without tickets. The lighting ceremony was on a Tuesday and started at 5pm on the front lawn of the Capitol Building. I walked there from school, about 3 miles, so I got there around 4:30. You have to go through security (of course), so make sure not to bring a lot of stuff; all you really need is yourself and your camera, anyway.

The lighting itself doesn't happen till around 5:30. The first 30+ minutes are occupied by politicians talking, talking, and doing some more talking. The tree comes from a certain state forest every year, so a lot of the politicians from that state like to talk about how their state is super awesome for providing this great, giant tree. But eventually the talking is over and the Speaker of the House flips on the lights.

Alternatively, you can also watch the lighting on C-SPAN, if you don't want to come into town or if it's too cold! I actually called up my mom and told her to turn the TV on, so we got to watch the lighting "together".
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