Brewery: 16 Mile Brewery, Georgetown, DE

Our last stop in Delaware (after visiting some lighthouses and sitting on the beach before Hurricane Sandy hit) was to go to 16 Mile Brewery in Georgetown.

Being into craft beer, one of the main things Eric and I like to do is go around touring breweries. We like to taste the beer at the source, see how beer is made (it's always just slightly different everywhere you go), and sometimes we get to see some really cool things and meet interesting people. This was one of those times.

The tour at 16 Mile was the best brewery tour we've ever been on.

The actual owner of the brewery was the man who lead our tour. Plus, it was just us and another couple, so the tour itself was incredibly personal, and we could ask as many questions as we could think of. The owner told us all about his personal story of coming up with the idea, where the name came from, deciding to keep it in his small hometown, and he gave us the most in-depth tour of an actual working brewery that we've ever been on. (And we've been on a lot of tours.) He even took us to a completely new building housing some special brews that he hadn't taken any other tour groups on yet. It was pretty awesome.

Also, the beer was pretty good. The ones above were what we tried when we were there. Old Court was by far both our favorite, and we picked up a 6 pack of it at the brewery. Then a few weeks later when I went to the giant massive beer and wine store about half an hour from our apartment, I found it there! Nice surprise, and I picked up some more.
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