NYC: National Museum of Mathematics

The honest-to-goodness reason my friends (Valkyrie & Evan) were in New York City in the first place was to go to this museum, the brand-new National Museum of Mathematics.

It was pretty awesome. The door handles were pi.

We rode on tricycles with square wheels.

Here is a bigger shot of one side of the first floor, with one of the MoMath workers playing on the bike.

 They had a hyper hyperboloid chair. This is the view looking up, after having made the hyperboloid.

Photo by Valkyrie Savage
This is a boat rolling across shapes that are not spheres, but have constant diameter, making the ride across smooth. 

We painted on a giant tablet, complete with sensor-enabled paint cans.

This etched metal art looks like it moves as the light above it moves side to side.

This is a working message decoder/encoder, an M-209. The message we decoded said, "Math is cool" ;)

Photo by Valkyrie Savage
 We also became human trees.

All in all, the museum was a lot of fun. Several exhibits we wanted to play with were unfortunately broken, probably because the museum is so new (it just opened in December). But it was definitely worth the trip so we could nerd out for a few hours!
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