DC: GWU vs Butler Men's Basketball

A couple of weekends ago, we went into DC to watch some college basketball.

We aren't exactly anywhere near our favorite big-time school programs (Kentucky, IU, and UNC), so we take what we can get. Luckily, last year Butler joined the A-10 and played at George Washington this year, so we got to see one of our second-tier favorite teams. I'm from Indiana and my younger brother did his undergraduate at Butler, so I have a very soft spot for the school, especially the basketball team. (Also, Brad Stevens went to DePauw, my alma mater.) I was at Hinkle Fieldhouse (with my dad and brother) to watch the heartbreaking loss to Duke in the 2010 championship game. It was something else.

So we went to GWU to watch Butler play. Yep, I'm that girl who roots for the away team while attending the home team's school. I completely forgot to steal/borrow some of my brother's Butler gear for the game, so I wore Indianapolis Colts instead. It still got the point across. (Eric wore Kentucky, of course. That also got the point across.)

I was hoping for Butler (ranked) to demolish GW (unranked, but had won 3 in a row), and they did have a 17-point lead at one point, but GW came back and Butler only won the game by 3.

It was crazy stressful and tense, and the GW student section is not a fun place to be if you're not rooting for GW. We sat on the very end, next to the Butler parents' section, but we were still surrounded by a lot of, well, stupidity. Case in point: a guy behind us asked where Butler was from. A very hesitant girl answered that she thought, maybe, Indianapolis? We had to confirm it for them.

All in all, it was nice to see a hometown team in DC. Actually, it was just nice to go to a college basketball game in general. We also went to the free tailgate beforehand and picked up some BBQ and free beer (DC Brau comes in cans, did you know that?), so that was pretty nice, except they didn't have nearly enough room or seating for everyone. I also received a foam colonial hat, but I left it behind and someone else picked it up (what would I do with a foam colonial hat?).

Blue II also made an appearance on the court.

And a genius Butler fan made a giant Brad Stevens head.

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