Baltimore: Medieval Times at Arundel Mills

Last Friday we went to Medieval Times for Eric's birthday! 

If you've never been to a Medieval Times show, it is pretty fun. I had gone twice before with my family, during vacations to Disney World, but Eric had never been before. You get dinner (that you eat with your hands) and a show (a jousting tournament with some drama thrown in). It's expensive if you don't have a coupon (like for your birthday), but we actually got to go on a group rate with Eric's work -- even better!

You are grouped into sections (a various color) based on the order you were admitted inside the castle. This color determines which knight you cheer for during the jousting tournament. We were in the blue section, and ended up with pretty good seats, in the second row and facing the length of the arena. When you get to your seat, your row's server immediately takes your drink order and tells you about what's going to happen during the show. (We had a great server, which made the experience even better.) The menu for the evening is printed on the napkin...half a chicken, tomato soup, bread, potato wedges, a rib, and apple pastry for dessert. It was tasty. Oh, and you don't get any utensils; you eat everything with your hands. Pretty awesome .

The other neat thing about Medieval Times is that the horses are both beautiful and actually very good at what they do.

Our knight in blue.

  There is also sword fighting along with the jousting.


The story line is fun (not just for kids), the horses put on a show, the food is good, and it really is a fun experience. The castle opens up about an hour beforehand and you can buy drinks and trinkets and photos of yourself if you'd like. They also have a falcon master whose falcon puts on a show at the beginning of the evening.

If you're lucky, your knight will throw you a flower. The lady next to us was thrown one but she left it behind after the show ended, so I picked it up :)

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