Crazy March

The past 3 weeks have been a little crazy. We just got back from our big trip out west, so I have a lot of things to share about our time in Phoenix, San Diego, and San Francisco. The week before that we also had some friends come out to DC to visit us, and I have a few more things to share about that as well.

Our travels show no sign of stopping, as this coming weekend we'll be off for a quick visit to our parents and for me to convince Eric that Bloomington, IN, is the best college town on Earth. Then the week after that we're heading down to Atlanta for the Final Four and Championship men's basketball games. Suffice it to say I'll not be lacking in adventures to share any time soon. The next 8 weeks also bring the Cherry Blossom festival, Reds at Nationals baseball games, and my graduation, along with all the other things we decide to do with our remaining time in the nation's capital.
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