DC: Cherry Blossom Kite Festival

Happy Easter! Yesterday finally felt like spring, which was nice because the Cherry Blossom Kite Festival was going on down on the National Mall.

The Washington Monument now has scaffolding up, but it was still really neat to see all the kites in the air around it! We didn't go last year because of the weather (cold and rainy). This year it was in the 50's and sunny, but there wasn't that much wind. Usually we would LOVE a day without wind around here, but nature's timing was a little off with that one.

The kite above was probably my favorite. It looks like a guy is hanging on for dear life.

We watched the Hot Tricks competition. This guy was really good and could even make the kites walk on the ground.

We also watched the rokkaku battle, where you try to cut your opponents' kites from the sky. This would have been more exciting if there had been some wind, but unfortunately most peoples' kites were having a hard enough time keep afloat as it was.

My favorite rokkaku kite was the one "Runs with Scissors" since you try to cut the other kites. Ha!

The National Cherry Blossom Festival lasts until mid-April. Go check it out!
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