Phoenix, AZ: SABR Day 2

The second day of the SABR Analytics Conference was full of more interesting things to think about. We were at the Sheraton in downtown Phoenix for the whole day, starting at 8:30 and lasting till around 5. 

We listened to general managers speak about using analytics in their jobs. Below is Stan Kasten, the CEO of the Dodgers, talking with the SABR president.

During the conference, Rawlings made a big to-do about their new partnership with SABR for fielding stats. They also showed us the Gold, Silver, and Platinum Glove Awards.

Geoff Miller works for the Atlanta Braves and does sports psychology. It was interesting to think about the mental part of the game, since that's such a big part of baseball, from a different standpoint.

Bill James was a bit hit, for obvious reasons (aka: he basically made up this field all on his own). He spoke a couple of times and had some interesting insights into his work and analytics in the baseball world in general.

Brian Kenny had a habit of sitting near us at almost all the panels we went to.

Matt Swartz gave a talk about game theory. I'll go out on a limb and say that the PhD was the youngest presenter there.

Probably my favorite thing we heard at the conference, the Clubhouse Confidential panel below was insightful and really hilarious, especially Dave Cameron. It should also be noted that the two most pitched ideas at the conference were that a) a knuckle ball academy is a thing that should exist and that b) Jonny Gomes is a great clubhouse guy. Both these concepts were mentioned no less than 3 times during the conference.

If you are interested in hearing any of these talks, check out the SABR website for the full recap.
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