Indianapolis, IN: Monument Circle

Monument Circle is at the heart of Indianapolis. It is the main circle that people talk about in downtown Indy (it is very close to Circle Center Mall, Banker's Life Fieldhouse, Lucas Oil Stadium, and Victory Field, among loads of restaurants and shops and parks). If you are walking around Indy on a nice day, I recommend stopping by the monument and checking it out.

There are fountains on two sides and giant staircases on the other two.

It is surrounded by some restaurants (we got ice cream to enjoy out here on the steps) and some shops, as well as office buildings.

From the side of the monument we were sitting on, we could see the Statehouse. (That building is also very beautiful and you should go look at it too.)

We were in Indy on the 4th of July, and all the horse and carriages were decked out! (You can take a horse and carriage ride around downtown Indy.) This was my favorite. Check out those blue sparkly hoofs.

Have you been to the circle? At Christmastime, the city strings lights from the top of the monument down in the shape of a tree. It is awesome! Hopefully we'll be able to check that out this year.
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