Bloomington, IN: The Tap Craft Beer Bar

The Tap Craft Beer Bar (aka The Tap) is a still-fairly-newish (it opened in late 2012, which is somehow already almost 2 years ago?) over-21-only craft beer bar on the square in downtown Bloomington. We have been meaning to check it out since we moved here because Eric and I love trying new beers (aspiring to be like this couple? ha!), and just got to this past week!

It's pretty awesome. It seems really popular every time I drive past it, with tons of indoor seating (there's another room past the one below) and even some outdoor spaces. There is also a stage above the bar for a DJ or live band, which they have every week.

This is also a really popular spot to go watch sports. They have a LOT of TVs. There are even TVs in the bathrooms, so you never have to miss a moment of the game. In the shot below you can also see a leaderboard. The Tap has a Loyalty program that you can sign up for ($15) and they will track all the new beers you try. When you hit certain milestones you get prizes and acknowledgement, and this board tracks the top 10. We didn't join, but my friend Dan did so we'll be cheering him on :)

The beer menu at the Tap changes every single day. Literally, the menus have dates on them, and at least one beer on the menu will be different each day. The beer list is long, varied, and is reasonably priced.

Last night, we tried out trivia night with my friends Dan and D (they are both named Daniel). The Tap has trivia nights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (they are different leagues, so you can't just switch up the day you go if you care about your point totals). The DJ on the stage asks questions and you have generally one song length to get your answer in. All the supplies are provided (pencils, answer sheets, and a record keeping sheet). There were so many people and teams there (your team can be however many people you want, as long as you all sit together at one table) and it made the atmosphere really fun. (Also making is fun is their really strict no-cell-phone policy during trivia. I love when this is enforced because it makes everything just so much better.)

Our team has some experience with trivia games, and the four of us actually ended up being able to cover all the topics really well. I think we only missed 6 questions out of 18, and we also got almost all the credit for the half time question (which was in 4 parts) and full credit for the final question.

And we ended up winning 2nd place! I have no idea how, since this was our first night. But it was awesome. The 2nd place team gets a $20 gift card (1st place get $50 and 3rd gets $10). We will obviously be back to use it. That's basically a free beer for all four of us!

Besides enjoying trivia night, Dan and D both really like going to The Tap (trivia night was actually the second night in one week they invited us to hang out with them there), so we will likely be invited to spend time with them there often. It's definitely a fun place to hang out if you're looking for somewhere to watch sports or try new beers. They also just started serving their own food, and I can tell you that the two things I've tried (margarita pizza and their fries with four delicious dipping sauces) are both really tasty. (The food part was actually why we hadn't been there yet. When we go out, we like to both eat and drink and not just drink. But now that barrier is gone!) You can also order food from certain restaurants around Btown to be brought to you at The Tap. Let me know if you check it out and what your favorite beers were!
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