Boulder, CO: Mt Sanitas Hike

The other lower-elevation hike we went on while in Colorado was Mt Sanitas. It is Boulder, and Bryan and his girlfriend recommended this to us too (and then recommended checking out the town afterward). 

This hike was quite a bit more strenuous than Mt Falcon, but also really beautiful. There were lots and lots of rocks to climb. I am short (5'2") and it takes me forever to climb things. Eric (6'2") did this hike easily. I slowed him down quite a bit and felt bad about it.

Getting to the top was really rewarding. We had another gorgeous day and could see for miles.

We took a different, flatter way down and had a flat (pretty boring) trail to get back to our car.

Eric and his sharp eyes spotted a hummingbird on the trail, though! So cool.

There isn't much parking for this trail. There's a tiny lot across the street but it was full when we were here, so we parked off the side of the road. If you are willing to climb rock steps to get to a nice view (and nice workout), it's a good hike!
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