Indianapolis, IN: Freedom Blast Fireworks Show

We watched the downtown Indianapolis fireworks show from our seats at the Indians game. The baseball game was supposed to be over in time for the fireworks show, but it went into extra innings and lasted quite a bit longer than anticipated. Unfortunately that meant for almost the whole show, the (really, really) bright field lights were on.

So my pictures aren't that great...

...until the game ended and suddenly that one light went off!

It was right in time for the grand finale and turned out to be awesome.

At first I was mad that we weren't able to see the whole show, but it turned out to be all right. Eric actually wanted there to be fireworks going off during the game because he wanted to see how it would affect the players (answer: not much). I am so glad we got to see the end without the light on, so it made it all okay for me (plus we got to see some more baseball).

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