Denver, CO: Williams & Graham

Our last night in Denver we went near downtown with Bryan and Julia for dinner and drinks. (We seriously have never eaten as much on a trip as we did on this one. Thanks, Bryan.) The two locations were within walking distance of each other and included a great view of downtown Denver.

After a dinner of delicious fajitas and margaritas, we walked a mile or so over to Bryan and Julia's favorite speakeasy, called Williams & Graham. These kids made fun of me while I took some photos outside:

And then, once inside the door, I knew we were someplace awesome. THAT BOOKSHELF IS A SECRET DOOR. I was instantly reminded of the Safe House in Milwaukee. I loooooooooove stuff like this. (I want secret doors, passageways, etc in my dream house castle.)

Inside is dark and cozy. It was the perfect place for the four of us to hang out for a few hours. We had a booth in the back.

The menu is full of tons of things I had never heard of. There were pages dedicated for whisky drinks, rum drinks, liquors I had never heard of, normal cocktails like Old Fashioned, and dozens more. I don't even remember what we had, but I remember Eric's being really good (he always picks the best thing on the menu). I do know that this cocktail restaurant trip inspired us to start making more mixed drinks at home, and we are going to have an actual home bar with drinks we know how to make, instead of just a jumble of various liquors we stole from took off our parents' hands that we know how to offer people a rum & coke with.

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