Bloomington, IN: 4th of July Parade

For the 4th of July in Bloomington, we headed to the downtown parade. There is a route downtown that all the parade participants follow, starting at 10am. (There was also music by the Bloomington Community Band that started at 9am; unfortunately we couldn't hear them from where we were sitting on the other side of the courthouse.)

It seems like pretty much everyone else in Bloomington also went to the parade. We were on the corner of Kirkwood and College (this is looking north on College).

At some point one of the parade groups passed out small flags.

I don't remember who this was, but he was in a tiny racecar. Obviously he had the most fun out of everyone participating in the parade.

These Scottish bagpipers were really good. I have a soft spot in my heart for Scottish music ever since going to Scotland in high school, so I am probably one of the few people who actually enjoy bagpipe music.

The best float was the street sweeper. He went last in the parade. This was too funny to not take a photo of!

The parade itself was a little disappointing. It was mostly a giant advertisement for various political candidates. I like to think of parades as mostly filled with marching bands and cool floats. But it was still kind of fun to sit out on the square seeing half of Bloomington downtown.
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