Chicago, IL: The Bad Apple

Our big summer trip out west started off right after July 4th. We headed up to Chicago to visit my brother and his girlfriend and convinced them (theater people) to let us go to eat dinner somewhere with at least one TV that would be playing the FIFA Women's World Cup USA vs Japan soccer game. They acquiesced and took us to one of their favorite spots in town, The Bad Apple.

This particular restaurant is known for their burgers. So, we all had burgers. Here's what I could get of their menu:

I had the Truffle Shuffle. It was gone before I took a photo. Eric got the Cowboy Killer and my brother got the The Figs Is In and then each split half (splitting these is not an easy feat). My brother's girlfriend got Elvis' Last Summer, which she always gets and can't bring herself to get anything else. They all looked great and I'm sorry I don't have a photo to show. We also had a great beer selection to choose from, and we took advantage of it because we were there for a few hours watching the USA destroy Japan in soccer (best 15 minutes of soccer ever?). If you are in the area and are starving, we enjoyed our time there and I'd recommend it!
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