Bloomington, MN: The Mall of America

From our overnight in Mayville, we headed west over to Minnesota.

We had plans to meet up with one of Eric's friends, Mike, for dinner and a Twins baseball game, so we figured we could do something else around Minneapolis in the afternoon beforehand.

Feel free to have this song playing on repeat while you scroll through this post. You're welcome!

The Mall of America is insane. It is just as big as you think it is, or bigger if you have low estimates. I didn't really know what to expect except that it was big and there was a roller coaster inside. Well, there is a whole entire huge amusement park inside. If you lived near here, you could ride a roller coaster every day of the year.

We opted not to ride anything but we did wander around for a long time watching other people ride. Some of the rides looked really cool, and some of them didn't make sense until we saw them running, like this flying ride below (there were joysticks to control the wings for each person, so you could spin yourself upside down while the machine spun you around).

Besides rides, of course, there are stores. Right next to the amusement park section on one side is a giant Peeps store. It was psychedelic. So I took photos.

The mall is huge. We did not even make it around a full loop, let alone go to all the levels. We did stop in a few stores and found an awesome-looking game called Anti-Monopoly* (we haven't played it yet). Both Eric and my favorite game is Monopoly, so we're looking forward to trying it out.

There was an Apple store across from a Microsoft store. I wanted to find out if they wage battles throughout the day but didn't ask...

If you need to kill some time, or just want to check out a crazy big mall with basically every store imaginable, it was great for both of those things. I am happy we checked it out even if it was totally overwhelming!

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