We're Back!

We are back from our 3 week, 6100+ mile trip out to Montana and back. Eric posted a nice basic breakdown of what we did each day on his blog. (We are standing freezing in a lake full of icebergs in that photo.) I will have write-ups about all the excursions for weeks! We did almost everything we had planned to do in Theodore Roosevelt, Glacier, and Yellowstone National Parks. We will need to go back to the Grand Tetons and the Black Hills of South Dakota -- we were a little too tired to get to most of those things. But we had a really great trip! We saw all kinds of animals (bears, moose, mountain goats, big horn sheep) and all kinds of nature (mountains, badlands, geysers, lakes, waterfalls).

I'm especially glad we went to Glacier when we did. We left Montana on July 20th and the eastern half of the park caught on fire on the 21st. Over 3000 acres of that side of the park look nothing like they did when we were there just a week ago. In my Glacier posts, I will make a note of what was probably affected if you are using those posts as references.

Thanks for following along -- there is plenty to come!
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