Mayville, WI: The Audubon Inn

After leaving the Milwaukee Brewers baseball game Monday night, we headed to our first hotel of the trip. I downloaded a bunch of apps like Hotel Tonight, Hotwire, and Priceline to get us some nice last minute deals on hotels throughout the trip (we normally don't know exactly where we'll be - see the Brewers post for evidence of that!), and it worked out really well in our favor. We used Hotel Tonight to get a great deal on The Audubon Inn in Mayville, Wisconsin, about an hour or so from Milwaukee.

We got in late but could already tell the place was really lovely.

We stayed in the Falcon Room! The keys are real keys on a big wooden handle like the places I've stayed in Europe.

We were greeted with pralines on the bed and a water carafe on the night table.

And all the rooms have big jacuzzi tubs. Ours was very nice and relaxing.

There is also a restaurant in the inn, but we didn't go to it based on time constraints. Our room was very nice though, and it was a great place to stay the night.
Mayville, WI: The Audubon Inn Mayville, WI: The Audubon Inn Reviewed by Maria on 8:51:00 PM Rating: 5

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