Fargo, ND: Roger Maris Museum

We left Minneapolis Wednesday morning and headed to North Dakota.

Fargo was a good place to stop (it's about 3.5 hours from Minneapolis), and, continuing with baseball, we found our way to the Roger Maris Museum. The museum is literally inside a mall (Maris wanted it to be free and accessible to anybody) but isn't hard to find. If you plug in the address that comes up on Google maps, it will take you right to the correct entrance nearest the exhibit.

I don't know much about Roger Maris, and we aren't Yankees fans, but it was a neat little exhibit about him with a lot of cool memorabilia.

It was fascinating to watch all these other mall-goers pass by. A few others were obviously there with us to look at the museum, but almost everyone else was there to go to the mall and hardly gave the exhibit a glance.

There is a small video room where you can sit in actual old Yankee Stadium seats while watching historic video.

And the hallway to the restrooms is lined with old photos.

If you happen to be in Fargo and like baseball, it might be interesting for you to check out. We spent no more than 30 minutes there and enjoyed it.
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