Minneapolis, MN: Pizza Luce

After checking out the Mall of America, we headed to downtown Minneapolis for dinner and a baseball game with one of Eric's good friends, Mike Petro. 

Before the trip (and really before almost any trip we take), I scouted out my friends and asked for their recommendations on places I know they've been to or lived in. For this trip, multiple people independently recommended us to try Pizza Luce while in Minneapolis. This is what Petro suggested for dinner as well, so we headed there before the Twins game on Tuesday, July 7th.

We were seated quickly despite a lot of people there. We ordered a 16 inch Wrangler for the three of us, which has barbeque chicken, red onion, mushrooms, banana peppers (Eric ate mine), and cheese on barbeque sauce. We almost always get pizza with bbq sauce instead of marinara at this point. It was really good! We also had some local beers and finished well in time to go get tickets for the game.

They set the pizzas up on the table using heavy, unopened cans of roasted peppers. I thought it was a nice touch.

By chance a couple of my friends from Bloomington (a guy I used to work with at IU and his fiance) were downtown at the same time (they're interning at Target this summer) and they stopped by to say hello during dinner. They had just been to a game a few days prior so didn't come to the game with us, but they did stay to eat dinner at their favorite pizza place in Minneapolis.

I can see why so many people wanted us to try this place. If you are looking for a bite to eat before the game, this would be a good place to try out.

This is a big PS: Just so you know, this area of Minneapolis gave us quite a shock. It is right downtown, right next to Target Field, in Minnesota of all places, and yet this whole area is literally surrounded by various adult-themed businesses. If you don't park at the stadium, be prepared to walk by quite a few of these businesses and their flashy signs on the way in from your car. We had no idea. Just wanted to warn you.
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