Subscription Review: Birchbox (May 2014)

I am a little bit behind on Birchbox reviews since our vacation -- this one is actually from May! June's will be up next week, then I should be all caught up. Let's dive in.

Supergoop! Everyday SPF 30 with Cellular Response Technology

I took the Supergoop along with us to Colorado so we would have it for our packs if we wanted it. I tried it once on my face and it felt really nice. (For the record, I did not get burned while hiking on a snow-covered mountain :) )

LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil

I struggle with lip products since Eric doesn't like to kiss me when I'm wearing stuff :D Sometimes I'll put some on in the car but usually I just don't wear any except for fancy occasions. (This is a departure; in high school and the first half of college I wore lip gloss like everyday.) This stuff is crazy because it tastes like mint and makes your lips tingle! It was fun but not something I would wear every day. The color is fine but I needed to put on a lot to be able to see it.

Beauty Protector Protect & Shampoo and Beauty Protector Protect & Condition

I love the way the products from these guys smell (I also have their Protect & Detangle), and also love that they are free of all kinds of chemicals like parabens and sulfates. I needed to use a handful of shampoo to get it to lather up, but otherwise I really liked the shampoo (I am actually on the hunt for a new shampoo that is free from the bad things, so this was good timing). I barely used any conditioner (my hair is about shoulder length) to get full coverage of my head.

32 Oral Care Effervescent Breath Crystals

And finally, these breath mints are the coolest breath mints ever. They are basically like pop rocks that make your mouth feel super clean. I loved them.

If you are interested in signing up for Birchbox, click here, which is my referral link. It's $10/month or $110/year, and I have truly been enjoying it the past few months. Birchbox has a fun points system where you can review the samples you get to receive 10 points each, and for each 100 points you have, it counts as $10 in their store. It's a pretty good deal (if you really like something, you can save up and get it for free!). You can also get points by referring people or by buying products in the store (actually money you spend is $1 = 1 point). I look forward to this box every month and am loving discovering new products.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.
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