Cataract, IN: Cataract Falls (Upper Falls)

Hidden a few miles west of US 231, in between Spencer and Greencastle, is Cataract Falls State Recreation Area.

There is one of the best waterfalls in Indiana (actually, the state's largest!). There are the Upper Falls (pictured here) and the Lower Falls, which we didn't get to on this trip. There is also a lot of hiking available.

I last went here in winter while in college at DePauw (just up the road in Greencastle). We came here to go hiking in winter, and the falls were beautiful frozen, so I was excited to see them flowing with Eric.

The covered bridge here is also really nice and the only covered bridge left in Owen County (you can find a lot more if you head up to Putnam County, though :)). You are welcome to walk through the bridge and look at Mill Creek, the river underneath, that way.

The park has some viewing platforms to get better looks at the water. The trails will also have some nice views along the creek.

The park charges a $5 entrance fee from about 9am-6pm. We got here just around 6 and did not need to pay a fee (you can also get here before 9 to avoid the fee, if you want). If you're driving by on 231, it's a nice 20-30 minute detour if you need to stretch your legs or see some water.
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