Golden, CO: Colorado Railroad Museum

Since we were going to Golden anyway for the Coors brewery tour, I wanted to stop by the Colorado Railroad Museum to check it out. I think I have mentioned my unfounded love of trains before, and this museum came highly reviewed.

The museum is $10 each for adults, but they accepted our AAA card and we got a dollar discount each. We were here in the late morning before lunching in Golden. We had about an hour of really nice sunshine before, yep, you guessed it -- more rain and hail (all afternoon).

The museum is pretty cool if you like trains. There are a lot of them. And you can go inside several of them, too. They also have trains that have attachments on the front that I'd never seen before, specifically for plowing snow off the tracks.

This invention was a super cool idea but didn't work as well as they hoped in the crazy-snowy mountains. It's a fan that blows the snow off the tracks.

The museum also has a full restoration shop. They weren't working on anything while we were there, but provide this big viewing area and some seating to watch if you want.

Along with the restoration building, they have a working turntable to move the cars around. (It was not in action this day, but if you ever get to see one of these working, it's pretty cool.)

We went into all the cars we could. Some of them had levers to pull (none of them did anything though).

Some we could sit down in.

Some we could cook in.

And some could really freak me out! Mannequins are my irrational fear, and this car and the mailcar (below) both had them, much to my dismay.

Four years ago we road the Manitou & Pike's Peak Railroad up to the top of Pike's Peak. I think we had a newer engine than this one, though.

The museum also has a couple of model train tracks. There is a big display outside and a smaller display inside. You can make either run with a quarter.

It's a well done museum with lots of things to look at. Our visit was cut a little bit short due to the rain (we hadn't looked at everything outside yet) so if you can plan it for a day with no rain, you won't have any troubles.
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