Goals Recap - Week 25

This has been a great week, which will continue on into the weekend! Eric's best friend and his wife stopped to visit us for a couple of days on their way to Montana (where they are moving, aka Almost Canada) and we did several fun things around town. This weekend my friend Rob and his wife, who live in Indianapolis, are coming to hang out and we will continue to do fun things around town to celebrate the official beginning of summer (although it has really felt like summer for the past month!). And then Sunday is the USA's second game in the World Cup. Anyone who wants can come watch that with us!

Goals for Blog
  • Regular Posting Schedule - I hit the big posts this week. The only thing I didn't get up was a review on Wednesday (mostly because I am not done eating or testing everything in the boxes I get, and I like to have actually tried everything before writing about it). 
  • Design - Nothing new here.
  • Exposure - Nothing new here.
Goals for Self
  • Health/Wellness - Hanging out with friends (and taking a day off work) is very good for all aspects of my health. We got a bit of exercise in by going canoeing on Griffy Lake, but otherwise ate a lot of ice cream and big portions of food at restaurants :) However, I have noticed myself gaining quite a bit of weight over the past year that I've been sitting down in front of a computer for 8-9 hours a day. I want to lose that weight (both for general good health reasons and because I want to look awesome on my wedding day, whenever that is!). So I have really got to get into gear with exercising and eating less. (Summer is hard because I literally want ice cream every single day. Just my writing the phrase "ice cream" makes me want ice cream.) Any tips for this? I really hate working out for the sake of working out. It's hard to motivate myself because it feels so much like "work". I'd much rather have fun and play sports or play outside or something (you know, like how you play all day as a kid). But I don't know how to do that as an adult with limited fun time.
  • Education - Nothing new this week.
  • Business - Nothing new here.
How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions/goals? This little recap definitely keeps me thinking about what I want to be doing this year! Thanks for reading :)
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