Monday Notes

How was your weekend? Ours was rainy but pretty good. We got to see a bunch of friends on Saturday. The picnic was moved to our condo, which was good because it ended up pouring for most of the time we would have been at the park. And we got to watch soccer! We went to the park afterward (when it was alternating being sunny and sprinkling...sometimes both at once) and played badminton. Hopefully we'll get to play that more often because I forgot how fun it is. We broke both birdies :D

Later this week I will have a breakdown of all the 4th of July things going on around the Bloomington area. I've never been to any of them but we are hoping to have a great 4th! Eric's mom and sister are coming to visit and it will be so fun to enjoy the holiday with them (we saw them last year for the 4th too)!
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