Fort Worth, TX: Fort Worth Stockyards

We needed something to do before the championship game, and I thought it might be kind of fun to go check out the Fort Worth Stockyards and grab some lunch.

This is the Stockyards Museum (small fee) that we looked at from the outside but didn't venture inside, but it looked like it had a whole bunch of stuff.

Behind the museum are the animals!

Lots of longhorns and cowboys on horses.

There are stairs that you can climb to get up on top of the pens.

Our timing was such that we got to see the 11:30am cattle drive.

I have to admit this is what I wanted to see (it's the world's only twice-daily cattle drive) but it was not nearly as exciting as I imagined :) The animals just kind of mosey down the street. No running or other excitement. But it was still kind of cool.

If you are interested in Texas livestock history, it's a cool place. There are lots of museums we didn't see, plus shopping and restaurants (we ate at Riscky's BBQ, which the visitor's center guy told us that he thought it was the best bbq place).
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